Learn to Use Sigma

How to Create a Worksheet

Get started with Sigma by making your first Worksheet! A few clicks and you’ll be on your way to easily [...]

Visualize Your Data

Use charts to help you visualize your data. Easily create multi-series line graphs, stacked bar charts, bubble [...]

Create A Dashboard

Easily share the analysis you’ve created in your worksheets through a custom Dashboard. Insert your custom [...]

Working With Columns

Learn the basics of how to interact with columns of data in Sigma. Directly manipulate your data using column [...]

Group Your Data

Sigma allows you to group or ‘pivot’ data on the fly. Learn how to easily group your data and create [...]

Join New Data

Learn how to easily join data sources to add columns to your worksheet. You can join from existing Worksheets or [...]

Filter Your Data

Filters are a powerful tool that can help you complete complex analysis, quickly. Find the top results within a [...]

Assign Your Data to Categories

Sometimes you need to group your data into categories that are specific to your organization and the analysis you [...]

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